Double-Flame Cutting Machine
    The double-flame cutting machine which is used to process large-sized sheet metal and cut thick steel plates has realized the fully automatic cutting process and dramatically improved the cutting quality.

Machine Shop

    Complete Equipment
    The machine shop incorporates more than 40 sets of diversified machines to process various accessories and the supporting molds. Supported by a complete set of drilling, boring and milling machines as well as other more superior equipment, the shop can basically fulfill our production demands.

    EDM & Spark Machines
    We have invested heavily in more than a dozen EDM machines and 3 spark machines. Generally 1 worker can operate with 3 machines at the same time, largely cutting on the labor costs.

    CNC Machining Centers
    In order to improve the precision of our products, we have purchased 3 CNC machining centers which feature extremely high production efficiency and process accuracy. Besides, only one staff is enough to manipulate them which help to keep the labor costs within a reasonable range.

    Engineers' Technological Instructions
    As the technical support of our practical production lines, the engineers are liable for instructing the workers in some technological details.

Parts Warehouse

    Large Storing Capacity
    Zeno owns a parts warehouse covering a large area of 1000m2. All of our accessories such as metal spare parts, out-purchased electronic component, bearings and motors are stored here in a specific order for easy accessibility.

Parts Assembly Plant

    Annealing Frame Welding
    Frame Welding: The worker is welding the annealing frame of the rod breakdown machine.

    Intermediate Wire Drawing Machine Assembly
    Main Engine Assembly: The main part of the drawing machine is being assembled.

    Traction Device of Cage-Type Stranding Machine Assembly
    Traction Device Assembly: The traction device of the cage-type stranding machine in the picture is being assembled.

Assembly Shop

    Large Assembly Capacity
    The large production capacity, long production lines and huge equipment call for a relatively big assembly shop. Our shop covers an area of 3000m2.

    Final Assembly Step
    The workers are sparing no effort to accomplish the final assembly step of the machines to meet the deadline.

    Transmission Control Units Assembly
    The electrician is fixing the transmission control units.

    Extrusion Machine Assembly
    Shown is a corner of the extrusion machine assembly. Our staffs are mounting the extrusion head.

Finished Product Warehouse

    Finished Products
    The products are stored here waiting to be delivered.

    Various Kinds of Machines We Have Produced
    The large/intermediate/fine wire drawing machines, extrusion machines, drawing machines, etc.

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