Rod Upward Continuous Casting Machine

    This machine is specialized used to produce oxygen-free copper rods. Also it is capable of producing copper tubes, flat copper bars and other copper products when configured with a modified crystallizer. We have introduced the advanced pitch control system; so users have access to realize their special casting demands by directly entering the pitch length.

    Continuous Casting Machine
    Automatic Wire Casting: Each wire coiling machine is equipped with 2 motors; each side has a wire-coiling disc; the coiling speed of the rod is kept synchronous with the speed of continuous casting to realize an automatic casting process.

    Trisomy frequency induction furnace
    Case Composition: The case of the device is mainly integrated by castings, steel, and steel plates.

High-Speed Rod Breakdown Machine

    Rod Breakdown Machine Composition
    Main features:
    1. One-piece cast structure
    2. Horizontal structure; dual-motor; swift mode conversion
    3. High-precision helical gear transmission; high efficiency; low noise
    4. The immersed type cooling lubricant lowered the height and offer the operators with much convenience; the specialized ventilation pipes are set to cool the annealing axles down.

    Wire Drawing Cone
    The wire drawing cone; the maximum allowable amount of molds can be up to 13.

    Main/Capstan Motor
    The power of the main motor: 280kw; the power of the capstan motor: 75kw.

Intermediate Copper Wire Drawing Machine with Annealing Unit

    Exterior View of the Drawing Machine
    Main features:
    1. Dual-conversion; automatic tension correction system
    2. The main engine is molded using grey cast iron 250 and then finished by further precision process; no vibration
    3. The wire stretching wheel surface has been sprayed with high wear-resistant tungsten carbide
    4. Can be used with continuous annealing machine, wire collection device with/without shaft, and plum blossom dropping machine
    5. Unprocessed wires' diameter: 2.5-3.5mm; processed wires' diameter: 0.4-1.6mm; maximum wire-speed: 1800m/min

    DC Annealing
    The DC annealing: adopts the DC 3-phase annealing method; the diameter of annealed wire is 0.4-1.8mm.

    Main Engine
    The gear type main engine features a high-grade cast iron body and has undergone the annealing sandblasting treatment. We have designed it with the high-precision gear transmission method.

    Single-Disc Shaft-Less Wire Coiling Machine
    The single-disc shaft-less wire coiling machine; maximum reel outer diameter: 630mm; maximum amount of copper contained: 500kg.

    Pneumatic Pendulum Type Tension Part
    The pneumatic pendulum type tension part; clients can choose the gas sources according to their own demands; the barometric pressure is 4-6kg/cm2.

Fine Copper Wire Drawing Machine with Annealing Unit

    Out Appearance of the Drawing Machine
    Main features:
    1. The case of the main engine is steel-welding type and has been given a tempering treatment
    2. The ceramic wire drawing stepped pulley
    3. An electromagnetic brake mode is adopted.

    Wire Drawing Stepped Pulley
    The copper wires are stretched long and thin gradually by the 4 wire drawing stepped pulley.

Multi-Wire Drawing Machine

    8-Head Drawing Machine
    The drawing machines we produce include 4/8/16/24-head types. Demonstrated is an 8-head machine which adopts linear wire drawing cones to realize a swift mode conversion. The 8 parts work simultaneously to guarantee a highly-consistent wire quality.

Automatic Double Twist Bunching Machine

    Bunching Machine Applications
    This equipment is used for bunching bare copper wires, tinned wires, enameled wires and other wires which have more than 7 strands. The unprocessed wire diameter: 0.18-0.68mm; the twisting length: 11.15-66mm; it comes with an adjustable rolling-ring drive which can convert the constant rotary movement of a plain shaft into a traversing movement.

    Bow Belt Structure
    The bow belt structure effectively reduces the scraps on the wires or the strand jumping phenomenon.

    Core Part of the Stranding Machine
    The main engine of the stranding machine twists several single wires into one.

Copper Continuous Extrusion Machine

    Extrusion Machine Composition
    With the adoption of continuous extrusion technology, this kind of machine produces pipe or bar products under the high temperature and high pressure condition that generated by friction. The production line is comprised of copper rod laying out, straightening, continuous extrusion, oxidation cooling system, wire coiling, and electrical control system. This product is widely applied in medium/large motors of transformers, high/low voltage electrical appliances, DC motor commutator and other manufacturing sectors.

    Operation Panel
    The operation panel is utilized to control the main shaft of the extruder and clean the motor.

    The DC Speed Control System

    Extrusion Wheel
    The extrusion wheel adopts the one-mold forming method, by which the products will be endowed with good properties, accurate dimensions, and good smoothness.

Hydraulic Automatic Drawing Machine

    Hydraulic Drawing Bench
    The hydraulic drawing bench is used to draw copper and other metallic materials. By working precisely to modify the diameters of various bars and tubes, it can produce the workpieces with the accurate diameters we want. The drawn products are guaranteed to possess high precision, bright surface finish, high hardness, good elasticity and no deformation.

    Jaw Part of the Machine
    The jaw of the drawing machine; with an allowable drawing length of 6, 8, 10, or 12m.

    Transmission System
    The transmission system; hydraulic drawing machines with either conveyor belts or roller transfer mode are available for you to choose.

    The Hydraulic Station

Horizontal Wire Drawing Machine with Annealing Unit

    Component of the Drawing Machine
    Main features:
    1. Dual-motor; dual-conversion; small slip frequency
    2. DC annealing; the annealing voltage will automatically track the rate of the engine; stable elongation rate
    3. Automatic tension correction system.

    Electrical Control Cabinets
    Our electrical control cabinets are self-mounted to ensure the stable properties of the products. The low voltage switch and other low/high voltage electrical appliances are all purchased from well-known brands such as Siemens, Schneider, etc.

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