Our upward continuous casting machine is used to produce oxygen-free copper rods. It is also capable of producing copper tubes, flat copper bars and other special-shaped copper products, when configured with a modified crystallizer.

The high-speed rod breakdown machine features a one-piece cast structure. It is driven by two motors for fast change of dies. Its high-precision helical gear can work efficiently and quietly.

The intermediate copper wire drawing machine features a high-grade cast iron body. It is equipped with a double inverter and auto tension control system, ensuring a high level of precision.

This series of product is manufactured from welded steel plates and undergoes a tempering process. It is designed with 4 ceramic-coated capstans for drawing copper wires to smaller sizes.

In this multi-wire drawing machine, drums are arranged in a row for fast change of dies. Several copper wires are drawn and annealed simultaneously, ensuring a highly-consistent wire quality.

This equipment is used for bunching bare copper wires, tinned wires, enameled wires and other wires which have more than 7 strands.

The cantilever type single-twist bunching machine is suitable for control cables, communication cables, data cables, coaxial cables, and other PE or PVC-coated cables. It is mainly used for bunching wires with the special requirement of ultra-high precision.

Equipped with the most advanced emergency stop device, our rigid cage stranding machine is your best choice for stranding long and large aluminum or aluminum alloy wires, bare copper wires, ACSR cables, sector-shaped conductors and cross-linked cables.

The tubular stranding machine is designed for copper wires, ACSR cables or steel ropes. It is also useful for stranding aluminum-clad steel wires and aluminum alloy wires.

The planetary cabling machine is equipped with an alternating-current motor and a variable-frequency drive. It is a reliable and user-friendly machine featuring a high-performance PLC system and cutting-edge control technology.

With this extrusion line, you can produce a diverse range of double-layered wires and cables that are available in single or two colors and made from PVC, PE, PP or SR-PVC plastic materials.

Shown here is our continuous extrusion machine, where copper tubes or profiles are extruded via a die under high temperatures and pressures resulting from friction.

Our hydraulic drawing bench is used to draw copper and other metallic materials. It works precisely to form various diameters of bars and tubes.

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